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US Navy Flight Surgeon

Dr. Richard “Doc” Sugden

Born in Oakland, California and growing up a son of a career Navy officer, Rich’s course steered him into medicine and aviation as a Navy Flight Surgeon. “Doc” underwent training at the Naval Aerospace Medical Institute in Pensacola and completed his tour of duty at the Naval Air Test Center and Test Pilots School at Patuxent River, Maryland. “Doc’s” experiences at the Navy’s Test Center led him to restoring a “Stable” of Warbirds, all of which he flys often and proficiently. With over 7,500 flight hours, the words “Static Aircraft” are NOT in this aviators vocabulary.

MiG Fury Fighter Aircraft Qualified: FJ-4 Fury, MiG 15, and MiG 17

Air Force Pilot
David “Cujo” Macaluso

Hailing from the great Peach State of Georgia, “Cujo” has over 4,000 hours in more than 35 different aircraft and brings his refined flying experience to Mig Fury Fighters. Cujo began his distinguished flying career instructing in T-38s at Vance AFB.  From there he went on to Camp Red Cloud, South Korea, providing close air support for our Army Troops throughout the Korean theater.  Edwards Air Force Base Test Pilot School was Cujo’s next stop, where he carved out a distinctive place for himself as an instructor/evaluator.  “Cujo” possesses the professionalism, the discipline, and the skills that only our United States Air Force can instill in it’s cadre.

MiG Fury Fighter Aircraft Qualified: MiG 15 and MiG 17

Civilian Pilot
Peter “Bamboo” Kline

Raised aboard a sail boat in the Islands of the Bahamas, Peter, the son of a veteran World War II B-24 pilot, not only inherited a love for sailing but also the love flying. “Bamboo” naturally drifted into the world of Professional Sailboat Racing, but began his aviation career flying hang gliders in the South of France while on a sailing campaign. Decades later, with over 2,500 flight hours as a corporate pilot, seaplane pilot, helicopter instructor, glider pilot, and warbird pilot, there is nothing he doesn’t like to fly. “Bamboo” heads up “Doc’s” Stable of Warbirds and gladly “Keeps ‘em Fly’n”!

MiG Fury Fighter Aircraft Qualified: MiG 15 and MiG 17

Civilian Pilot Announcer
Spike “Spike” Minczeski

Born and raised in mountainous “Big Air” of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, “Spike” comes from a lineage of aviators. His grandfather was a B-24 and PB-Y instructor during WWII and both his father and mother were civilian pilots, instilling in him a passion for aviation. He currently works and flies for Teton Aviation as their chief flight instructor with over 3,500 flight hours. While he is not currently checked out in either of the MiG’s or the Fury, he is hoping that by announcing with his deep bassoon radio voice he will be able to “talk” his way into the cockpit.

MiG Fury Fighter Aircraft Qualified: Aero L-39C

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